Fox in the Forest

As part of the Hocus project, I've started taking a look at designing a second game as a companion. Hocus started as "Texas Hold 'Em with spells", and this companion game (which started life as Wiccage) started with a similar premise: "Cribbage with spells". I couldn't really think of any commercial variants of Cribbage, and there are certainly similar folk games, but not ones that most people are familiar with. It seemed like a nice design challenge.

Things evolved from that beginning, and the game took on bits of Bezique and Was Sticht? along the way, if that can be imagined. Oh, and spells, of course. After extensive playtesting, I signed the game with Foxtrot Games, where Randy Hoyt did an amazing job with taking the game to the next level.

The game is off to the printer, and will be available in summer of 2017! I'm so excited for it to get into people's hands.