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August 2014

Killing Monsters has a full prototype now

by Joshua Buergel, on KMATTS

Although it's been a while since I've written anything here, I've nevertheless been busy with gaming. Work has continued on Hocus Poker, where Grant and I have shifted our energies to what we're calling 3.0, a game that is played with only cards. That's consumed some of my time, as well as the summer eating up a lot of free time. But of more consequence is that I've buckled…



May 2014

Get to know a game: Ambush!

by Joshua Buergel, on Get To Know a Game

I was going to write up Bargain Hunter next, but in an effort to prove that I'm not actually obsessed with trick-taking games, I'm going to go in a very different direction instead. It might be harder to get further away from a nice, lightly-themed trick-taker than this game: Ambush! Ambush! is a World War II boardgame set at the individual soldier level, published by Victory Games in 1983. It…



May 2014

The first partial success

by Joshua Buergel, on Wiccage

Last time, I wrote about trying to fix the disjointed nature of Wiccage after a poor test. It's worth mentioning, of course, that a poor test like that is an extremely valuable one. I usually learn more from the disasters than I do from the tests where everybody says "it's fine". I got my friend Jarrett to sit down for a test of this latest version, and things went much…



May 2014

Wiccage failure number two

by Joshua Buergel, on Wiccage

Last time, I wrote about making a big change for Wiccage, swapping out the Cribbage-style playing phase for a trick-taking phase instead. There were a bunch of other changes that I put in as well, and I was feeling pretty optimistic about the changes. Perhaps it was just trick-taking euphoria, but I felt pretty sure that the game would work well. I somehow talked Justin into trying it again, and…



May 2014

Pivoting on Wiccage

by Joshua Buergel, on Wiccage

Last time, I wrote about the hot mess that was the first version of Wiccage. In summary, it felt too much like Cribbage, except for most of the bits that I'd added, which sucked. It was, frankly, a bit disheartening. Bad first versions of games are no big deal, since basically all first versions are terrible. No, the bad part was how pointless the game seemed. I needed a much…



May 2014

Back to the drawing board

by Joshua Buergel, on Wiccage

I wrote about starting Wiccage last time, based around the idea of a Cribbage game with spells. I had attempted to simplify the scoring system some, added some card and point manipulation with spells, added a positive feedback mechanism, and what I thought was an interesting way of contending for points. In some quick solo testing, it seemed like it might work OK, so I dragooned my friend Justin into…