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December 2015

Wiccage news

by Joshua Buergel, on Wiccage

I've been working behind the scenes on Wiccage, and have made some simplifications based on some playtesting feedback. One thing that's gone is a bit of a fussy rule about scoring a point when a trick had two Witches on it. I liked the rule in the abstract, but it had some issues. First, it was very rare that it happened. And worse, when it did happen, it was largely…



August 2015

Call for Playtesters

by Joshua Buergel, on Wiccage

With Hocus off to the printer, I now have more time to devote to other projects. Grant and I are working on a couple projects together, including Landfall (which we're keeping a bit under wraps) and something we're calling Cow Tools, which is further off. But I have some time now to devote attention to some of my solo designs, and the one I'd most like to concentrate on right…



May 2015

Wiccage Edits

by Joshua Buergel, on Wiccage

It's been almost a year since I last looked at Wiccage, but during some daydreaming recently, I suddenly saw a path forward. One of the problems of the game was that the spell system was both important to the game, and a distraction. You found yourself managing mana, but many of the plays were trivial. It wasn't really doing the right thing in the game, but it was still there…



November 2014

Mystery Rummy Soundtracks

by Joshua Buergel, on Whimsy

A discussion with Grant Rodiek today led quickly to traditional style card games, which pretty quickly led to me geeking out about the Mystery Rummy series by Mike Fitzgerald. As I wait for the Kickstarter for Escape from Alcatraz to ship, I thought I'd share where my brain went on the previous games. Specifically, to music. I'm almost as big of a music nerd as I am a games nerd…



September 2014

About Us

by Joshua Buergel

House of Slack Games is a way for me to participate more fully in the hobby I love. Hobby games have been a part of my life ever since I was given a copy of the Holmes edition of Dungeons & Dragons more than thirty years ago. I've never stopped loving tabletop games, and that love includes a desire to create them. I'll post my thoughts about games here, and…



September 2014

Foresight Deck

by Joshua Buergel, on Game Description

A Foresight deck is a unique deck of poker cards with suits on the back. The number of suits on the back depends on the strength of the card: Aces and Kings have all four suits on the back Queens, Jacks, and Tens have three suits (one correct) on the back Nine through Four have two suits (one correct) on the back Threes and Twos have their suit on the…