A Foresight deck is a unique deck of cards, unlike any other deck you've ever used. The cards are familiar, as long as you're looking at the fronts, lovingly illustrated by Aaron Williams. But on the back, one or more suits appear, giving you a glimpse into the future. The better the card, the less information you have about what suit it is. That ability to look into the future gives games using the deck their shape, and presents some unique challenges for the veteran card player.

Heartburn is a new twist on an old favorite, Hearts, using that special set of cards. The game dynamic is at once familiar and surprising. You want to avoid the bad cards, but the scoring rules force you to take at least one. That dynamic tension at the heart of the game provides unique challenges for those who are used to Hearts. The addition of the Ten of Diamonds as a positive card also provides another difficult decision - do you pursue the Ten while risking taking more points?

Burger King

Getting the Game

Foresight is available from DriveThruCards. You can get it as a PDF there, or get a printed deck of cards. A PDF of all the rules I've added to the site so far is available here.

Flap Jack

Android version

Heartburn is available on Android. It's currently only solo play against the AI, but I think the AI can be pretty challenging. Check it out, it's free!


This is the second game published here using the Foresight deck, and we'll be posting more. Click on the Foresight tag to find all the games.

Queen Bee


Game Design By: Joshua Buergel

Developed By: Megan Hazen

Playtesters: Miranda Antonelli, Bayani C.R. Caes and the Carnegie Mellon University Gaming Club (the greatest playtesters in the world!), Lloyd Giberson, Bill Gilliland and the U.C. Davis Gaming Club, Mark and Barbara Jensen, Cory Loewen, Mike Loewen, Colleen Neddo, Justin Neddo, Michael Paisner, Paul Pendlebury, Dan Roulo, Deanna Rubin, Sheryl Weidner.