Foresight Deck

A Foresight deck is a unique deck of poker cards with suits on the back. The number of suits on the back depends on the strength of the card:

  • Aces and Kings have all four suits on the back
  • Queens, Jacks, and Tens have three suits (one correct) on the back
  • Nine through Four have two suits (one correct) on the back
  • Threes and Twos have their suit on the back

This limited information about cards can open up new dimensions of gameplay in traditional games. We've posted rules for a series of games designed to take advantage of this deck:

  • Foresight, a trick-taking game including a unique bidding system and a special way of playing cards
  • Heartburn, a Hearts variant featuring a very fun scoring rule

A document with rules for all the games we've posted so far is available here. You can purchase your own copy from DriveThruCards, or check out the Android versions if that's your thing.