Call for Playtesters

With Hocus off to the printer, I now have more time to devote to other projects. Grant and I are working on a couple projects together, including Landfall (which we're keeping a bit under wraps) and something we're calling Cow Tools, which is further off. But I have some time now to devote attention to some of my solo designs, and the one I'd most like to concentrate on right now is Wiccage.

If you'd like to try a two-player trick-taking game that has bits of Cribbage, elements of Whist-style games, some shades of Piquet and Bezique, and its own unique character, I'd love to hear what you have to say. The rules are available for anybody to comment, and the straightforward card file (only 40 cards!) is a PDF available here. I think it's a pretty unique game, and I'd love to find out your take. It's not a finished design, but I think it's already pretty fun, and I think with some active playtesters, I could finish it fairly quickly. The best place to leave feedback is either to send me an email or drop a comment in the Google doc. Thanks for looking!